Karen, a Sales Consultant at Crane & Co, shares her experience of helping thousands of people move home.

Unbelievably (and far too quickly) I’m in my 30th year working in estate agency. How the time has flown! Some of my colleagues weren’t even born, in fact, their parents probably hadn’t even met when I started working here, which makes me feel very old!
Back ‘in the day’ properties were marketed with a single black and white photograph and lots of descriptive text plus a weekly advert in the local paper. Many hours were spent stuffing property details into envelopes and being taken to the post office.
Computers didn’t really exist although we did have an electric word-processor – the highest tech at the time. Nor did we have mobile phones or the internet.

Now we have 3D tours, property films, stunning colour photography, online virtual viewings, global marketing and social media. How times have changed!
Although the way we market properties has changed substantially from when I first started, the way we deal with people through the moving process remains importantly the same. Whilst we sell properties what we actually do is help people onto the next chapter of their lives.
I have spoken to and helped thousands of people move home – some of them several times and we have grown older together. It’s been a pleasure seeing their families grow up and then helping them with their moving plans.

People move for a variety of reasons some of which can be stressful or emotional and these feelings can be prevalent even before they have started the often daunting task of selling or buying a property.
For others it may be the most exciting and joyous experience like a first purchase or moving to a bigger property.
Whatever the reason, as anyone who has sold or bought a property knows, it can be a roller coaster of emotions and let’s face it a costly experience.
What I’ve learnt is how important it is to support people and gain their trust through the moving process, especially those who are already in difficult circumstances. To listen and understand their concerns and needs whilst keeping them informed is ultimately important and explaining matters clearly through what is a life changing time of their lives has to be considered a top priority for us.
Estate Agents are often maligned but I know how hard myself and my lovely colleagues work to provide the very best service we can – perhaps this is why so many clients come back to us time and time again and recommend us to family and friends.
Seeing people move on with their lives makes a career in Estate Agency very worthwhile.
I’m very proud to have worked for Mike Crane and Crane & Co and wouldn’t have worked here for so long if the company’s values of being professional, honest, diligent and empathetic didn’t reflect my own.
In these difficult times it has become even more apparent that we all care more for each other more than we may have recognised before.

Karen McLay
Sales Consultant
01323 440678