SOME 170 patients were waiting for longer than 52 weeks to start treatment locally.

That figure was revealed at a Board meeting of the East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs the DGH.

The report said: “Work was being undertaken to address the backlog of patients that had built up during the pandemic, with 170 patients waiting for longer than 52 weeks to start treatment.

“The Trust had never previously had a patient who had breached 52 weeks.

“All long waiting patients had been clinically reviewed and were being prioritised based on clinical urgency.

“During July, RTT (Referral to Treatment) performance had reduced to 59.4%, with patients being added to waiting lists faster than they could be removed.

“Activity levels were around 60% of those seen precovid.

“Diagnostic performance in June had seen 32.8% of patients not being
see within six weeks, against a target of 1% and work to improve this position was being undertaken.”