By Martin Wellings

This year things have settled down at airports and I am pleased to say that they are running normally without the earlier delays at immigration, and in fact, the only risk one has is travelling up to Gatwick by train due to the on/off rail strikes and overtime bans. I wonder why those working on essential services don’t consider Saturdays and Sundays as a normal part of the job – just as well pilots and cabin crews don’t think the same!

July has certainly not been a good weather month here at home, but I must say that even those wet days are preferable to the incredible heat experienced in some Mediterranean resorts this year. It is a problem, as dates of travel cannot easily or inexpensively be changed. Airlines are invariably inflexible, but many tour operators are willing to change the date of travel, albeit with the loss of the flight element cost of the booking. As a result of this “super heating”, fires have broken out and in such a situation that affects someone’s holiday, the tour operator is obliged to make necessary changes at no additional cost.

Autumn is only just around the corner, so it is a good time to think of those trips you had not got around taking yet. Weather in southern Europe is usually pretty good this time of year and certainly not overly hot, and at the same time if travel is later in the year or next, to take that long haul visit to the warmer climes. If you are planning to go further afield, it is worth considering paying a little extra for travelling Premium Economy where you do get more legroom and seat space, and it is interesting to note with all the different options of flying to somewhere like Sydney, choosing this way of travelling, can be no more expensive than basic economy on some of the better-known airlines.

Wherever you are planning to travel and however, the message about booking early is particularly true these days with the rising prices of flights, as once you book, the prices are locked in irrespective of how much they may change after your booking and believe it or not, we are already starting to receive 2025 brochures – time is really flying.

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