Staff and residents at The Chaseley Trust were overwhelmed when 30 people gave up their Bank Holiday Monday morning to help them clear their very overgrown back garden.

Despite the threat of rain, 30 volunteers arrived at The Chaseley Trust on Monday 8th May armed with gardening gloves, secateurs and a whole lot of enthusiasm!

They had all signed up to support Chaseley through 2 hours of gardening and their achievements were immense. They cleared the area ready for the volunteer gardeners to start work on transforming the area into a much more welcoming space that will include a kitchen garden for the residents to use to grow their own vegetables and herbs. All of which will then be used in their own cooking.

Chaseley’s Fundraising & Marketing Manager Jodie, shares with us “It was such a great morning, there was a real buzz about the garden and everyone was so keen to get their hands dirty. It was amazing to see what we all achieved within just 2 hours, in fact we found parts of the garden I didn’t even know were there!”

“On behalf of everyone at Chaseley I just want to thank everyone involved, because this was more than just the 2 hours they each donated to us, our residents will be able to enjoy this space for years to come. It was a truly humbling morning for us all because in our garden were not only people known to us, but also new friends of Chaseley who had heard about our Big Help Out opportunity and reached out to us, because they wanted to help.”