LOTS of people have had time to consider their future and have turned to higher education to get them ready for the future.

For all the disruption the coronavirus has caused, it has also presented opportunities we may not have had.

A degree can open up lots of new opportunities for you.

Eastbourne’s East Sussex College gives five reasons why a degree course can be good for you.

1, Top-quality degrees on your doorstep

We’ve been running degree courses for over 30 years, and during that time, we’ve built up a glowing reputation for offering top quality degrees. Our courses are validated by the University of Brighton and learning specialists, Pearson – which means you’ll have a highly reputable certificate to show employers. You can study one-year HNC, HND, and BA and BSc top-ups or three year BA courses in a range of subjects from Engineering to Music. Our campuses in Hastings, Eastbourne and Lewes are really easy to get to, which means you don’t have to move away to get a top-quality degree.

2, Learn in comfort and safety

Our smaller class sizes have always been a huge benefit to your learning. They give you the chance to learn and absorb an abundance of knowledge from our excellent lecturers, utilise our resources and facilities to fine-tune your skills, and gain one-to-one support whenever you need it.

These strange times have shown us that our smaller class sizes have never been more important. Over the summer, we were busy making sure campuses, workshops and lecture rooms were clean, safe and socially distanced, so you can get the level of teaching you deserve.

3, You can save money by studying with us

Our students continuously tell us that our degrees offer them great value for money. The quality of teaching, the support, and the opportunities outside of the classroom are well worth the money they pay each year.

And when you consider that our tuition fees are up to £2,000 per year lower than other universities, you can see why. Plus, if you study closer to home, you are less likely to need to pay for university accommodation and all the other costs of moving away.

4, University can open so many doors

If you’ve found yourself thinking about a new career or change of direction, then studying a degree could be the nudge you need. Learning a new skill and filling your brain with knowledge at a high level can open up so many avenues once you’ve finished studying. Our lecturers are extremely well connected, so the contact you make during your degree could lead to big things. A shining example of this comes in the form of our Complementary Healthcare student, Jo. During lockdown, she wanted to help others with their mental health, so she decided to start her own business using the skills she had learnt.

5, It’s not too late to join

It’s the beginning of October, and yes, the term has officially started, but you still have time to apply. Don’t think that you’ve missed your chance and you should put it off until next year.

You still have time to find something you’re passionate about. So, find your course, get in touch with us for a chat, and enrol. As we’ve seen above with Jo, it could change your life. Our friendly admission team can also help you with your student loan application to cover the cost of your fees.

Studying locally won’t limit your opportunities. Lots of our students gain top grades and go on to work all over the world, manage large corporations, and run their own businesses. Where can one of our degrees take you?

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