EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell says: “We are in a different stretch of the river when it comes to the pandemic now most Covid restrictions have ended.” 

And she wants everyone to have a test:
“In this first week of Step 4, the media is making much of whether to wear a facemask or not but I actually think all this will soon settle down. 
We are essentially a tolerant nation and we will respect each other’s point of view. Like others, I will wear a facemask when I think it is appropriate or when someone asks me to. I hope everyone will be the same. 
I would also urge everyone to have regular tests. A testing kit is free from a pharmacy or you can order online. Washing hands was very prominent at the start of Covid. It is still a vital part of keeping infections down. These are the simple common-sense steps the Prime Minister was talking about. It is about personal responsibility, not a never-ending government diktat. 
But the biggest responsibility is getting a vaccine. Figures show 60% of people being admitted to hospital with Covid are unvaccinated. This is a big number when you consider two thirds of the population have had two doses of the vaccines, even when taking into account vaccines are never 100% effective. 
The 20-30 age range is now getting the virus but jab take up is lower in this age cohort. Please grab a jab if you are this age. It will help protect you, protect others, leave the virus with fewer people to cause serious problems to and it will protect the NHS. “