The 2nd Willingdon Scout Group is delighted to announce that an ex-scout, has presented a generous donation of £800 to ensure that young scouts from its group can participate in the upcoming international trip to Austria. This kind contribution presented by Chas on behalf of The Royal Antediluvian Order of the Buffaloes will significantly reduce the cost per child, enabling those who would not have been able to afford the trip to now join their fellow scouts in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Chas Bell, a member of The Royal Antediluvian Order of the Buffaloes, one of the largest fraternal movements in the United Kingdom, presented the donation with the intention of giving back to the scout movement that nurtured him during his youth. He said “The Buffaloes have always been dedicated to charitable endeavours, and this donation is a testament to its commitment to supporting local causes and empowering young individuals.”

The 2nd Willingdon Scout Group, led by Scout Leader Carl Bird, is thrilled about the impact this donation will have on the scouts. “We are incredibly grateful to The Royal Antediluvian Order of the Buffaloes for their kind donation,” said Bird. “This financial support will make a significant difference in the lives of our scouts, allowing them to partake in the international trip to Austria. It’s heartwarming to witness the community rallying together to ensure that no scout is left behind due to financial constraints. We can’t wait to see the smiles on their faces as they embark on this unforgettable adventure.”

The international trip to Austria promises to be a transformative experience for the scouts, providing them with the opportunity to learn about different cultures, forge lifelong friendships, and develop valuable skills. By reducing the price per child, the donation from The Royal Antediluvian Order of the Buffaloes has opened doors for young individuals who may have otherwise missed out on this life-enriching adventure.