THERE is still time to sign the petition set up to protest at the parking chaos for the Beatty Road shops.

So far, 2248 have signed it. We need more.

Traders are devastated – so please sign this petition:

“Stop the parking charges 

Langney Point and the Beatty Road shops need your help to keep business on our doorstep. The shops are really the heart of the community and we are now in danger of losing them, along with local residents’ livelihoods and jobs. Passing trade is vital for these businesses who have already been hit badly by the pandemic.

With these new parking charges how long will it take for fewer people to shop here and our much loved local shops be affected?

Highways at East Sussex County Council have been alerted by Cllr David Tutt of these new parking charges but say, as it’s a private car park, they have no power over whether or not the owner charges for it. Eastbourne Borough Council has also been contacted and they looked back to the original planning application in the 1960s which showed that no conditions were attached to the way it is operated and so they also do not have any power over the charges. 

This leaves us with a petition to the owners.

Be Heard, Be Seen.
Please sign our petition today.
I back Beatty Road businesses and residents and URGE the Landlord to drop their new parking charges – and to restore free 1 hour parking.

Thank you,
Deidre Glasgow “

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