ABBY McPhee, who is a Primary school teacher and community fundraiser, has published her first children’s book.

‘Eliza and the Fox’ is a children’s picture book written to encourage mindfulness, with some practical ideas incorporated into the story.

Magical Fox

Eliza is a happy and adventurous girl, but sometimes she feels scared. It makes her feel like she’s got butterflies fluttering around inside her. It’s not a very nice feeling, but we all feel it sometimes. One day she meets a magical fox who helps her when she’s in need. Join Eliza and the fox on their journey, and see if you can find your inner bravery along the way!

This is a story of courage, love and friendship – full of ideas to help you become calm, curious and brave.

Young children are able to adopt practical ideas such as breathing steadily, slowing down, being aware of their surroundings and feelings, and living each moment as it arrives.

One step at a time – As Abby says: “Sometimes we will have big feelings, and when this happens we can focus on our breathing and take things one step at a time.”

Abby is also a children’s yoga teacher and uses simple techniques to help children become more mindful and to build their resilience. Eliza and the Fox is suitable for 5–10 year olds and is available to order on Amazon (hardback or paperback) or to order go into Waterstones stores.