KERRY Tingley says she is ‘absolutely devastated’ after being told by Eastbourne Borough Council she must give up her XL American Bully.

The council says permission has been refused for Kerry to keep the dog in her home because from February 2024 it will be on the banned dog list.

As a result, the council has a duty of care not to allow permission for a dog that it knows will be a banned breed.

Kerry says: “We are absolutely devastated. We have received a letter from the council informing us we are unable to keep our xl bully in the property. We have until 31st December to rehome him or he will be put to sleep. How is this fair!

Please please if anyone is able to give advice or help give our baby a home let me know, he really is the perfect boy.”

She later posted: “We would like to thank everyone for your support and guidance. We are aware he looks like a cane corso, as did his dad as a pup but unfortunately for him he is an XL bully so comes under the guidance.

We have started a petition that we would be very grateful if you could all sign, not just for Frank but for all the fur babies that face the same fate.”

Petition · Allow Responsible Ownership of XL Bully’s in Council accommodation ·