A WOMAN is furious after a man drove into the side of her car and drove off.

It happened at Stone Cross Tesco on Sunday.

Here is Victoria Coul: “A kind gentleman in the car park at stone Cross outside Tesco Express proceeded to keep reversing – even when I was continuously beeping for him to stop he continued and smashed into the side of my vehicle with my disabled children in it/

He then proceeded to be abusive and leave the scene I wanted to thank you for me having to call the police and my insurance company that day. Thank you for leaving your paint on my vehicle and to the lovely witnesses (if you are reading this) for giving me your information and catching his number plate. The police will be in touch as a witness also told me that you were driving with a plaster cast on one of your wrists.

What a lovely kind gentleman you are for giving me such a wonderful Mother’s day gift.”