The closing date to enter the Anderida Writers annual short story and poetry competition will be Wednesday June 28th, 2023, and the competition itself is on Tuesday July 11th when actors Brian Capron of Coronation Street fame and Susan Thacker are going to read out entries.
Anderida secretary Christine Racher says: “This is a special event in the Anderida diary thanks to our chairman Tony Flood again arranging for these two talented actors to read out the entries. Details have been agreed by the committee, including that Tony will again book suitable rooms at the Hydro Hotel, Eastbourne, for both the competition and for monthly meetings. If an Anderida member should wish to suggest any changes to bookings, or have a particular request regarding seating etc, they should contact Tony and not do so direct with the hotel.
“This year’s competition can be on any theme, and there will be cash prizes of £60 for the winner of the short story section and £50 for the poetry section.”
The competition categories are:
Short stories up to 600 words
Poems up to 40 lines in length.
Entry requirements:
The competition is open to all Anderida members or guests who have attended at least one meeting prior to the closing date. Entries must be unpublished and the original work of the writer.
Short stories should be typed in 14pt font, double spaced, on single sided A4 sheets (not double sided). Poems to be typed in 14pt font, single spaced.
Two copies of each entry and entry fees should be sent to the address below in an envelope, ALSO within which an additional sealed envelope must be enclosed, containing the writer’s name, address, phone number and an original title of the entry. The author’s name must NOT appear on the actual story or poem, but a word count must be given at the end of short story entries. You should also state whether you would prefer your entry to be read by a man or a woman.
The entry fee is £5 for a single entry and £8 for two entries per person. The maximum number of entries is two per entrant for full members and only one entry for guest members. However, given the time constraints on the reading of entries, a maximum of 24will be judged. This means that if there are more than 24 FIRST entries, only the first 24 received will be considered. If less than 24 FIRST entries are received, the SECOND entries, up to an overall total of 24, will be judged. Any second entries able to be accepted in this way, will be taken in date order received, until the overall total of 24 is reached (so the sooner you submit any second entry the better!). Entries not able to be judged will have the submission fee refunded.
Any entries which contain profanities, or other unacceptable material, may be rejected.
Readings and judging of all entries will take place at the Tuesday July 11th meeting. Judging will be in accordance with the arrangements set out in the Anderida Writers constitution. In essence, this allows all qualifying members present (full members and guests who have attended at least one Anderida meeting prior to the closing date) to vote for each entry (giving scores up to 10), including their own. A marking form will be issued to each eligible person present, and those voting must write their name at the top of it.
Readings will start at 7.45pm. Anyone arriving after this time will not be able to mark the entries, as they will have missed the initial reading(s).
Submission Arrangements:
Submissions should be sent, to arrive by Wednesday June 28th, 2023, to competition secretary: Francis Wait, at Flat 30 Lakeside Court, 35 Dallington Road, Hampden Park, Eastbourne, BN22 9EJ. Cheques should be included in the main, outer envelope, NOT in the sealed envelope containing your name, and should be made payable to ‘Anderida Writers’.
If you are submitting more than one entry, please ensure they are marked 1st Entry, 2nd Entry.