THE new campaign aiming to look after the Eastbourne beaches by volunteers being in charge of certain sections has just 25 spaces left.

Plastic Free Eastbourne, manages the project which involves individuals or groups volunteering to adopt a particular section of beach, cleaning it and monitoring the debris collected.

Oliver Sterno: Community Leader ~ Plastic Free Eastbourne and Co-ordinator ~ Refill Eastbourne said: “A reminder: individuals or groups are volunteering to adopt a particular section of beach to care for its well-being ~ cleaning it and monitoring the debris collected.

“Our initiative is based on the fact that our beach of about 9 kilometres is divided into 93 separate beaches. Each has a number on the groyne which divides it from the others. In this way, volunteers can choose to care for their own particular beach!

“To date (the project was launched on 23rd October) we have just 25 “orphan” beaches left ~ the beaches not yet adopted. A few beaches have several groups of Adopters volunteering. This is a most encouraging take up. It shows that the townspeople of Eastbourne are right behind our endeavours to tackle the global heating challenges.

“Yesterday, there were bags of collected debris all along the seafront awaiting council collection. Volunteers were on different beaches clearing litter and a couple of people were walking along the promenade carrying their litter pickers. On our FaceBook page, there are lots of pictures by “Adopters” showing their haul. Also, recording sheets are being sent in for collation so that we can keep track of the location of and changes in beach debris over time.

This is so inspirational and is helping our town to drive onwards with our target of “working towards a carbon neutral town by 2030.”