THE LibDems think they can take more seats in the south after Thursday’s election victory in Chesham.

Does that mean Caroline is under threat here in Eastbourne?

Here’s the LibDems: “Chesham and Amersham has never had anything but a Conservative MP. The council has been controlled by the Conservatives for over a century. The Conservatives have never dipped below 50% of the vote here.

Until now.

The Lib Dem team, and the people of Chesham and Amersham sent a shockwave through British politics by electing Liberal Democrat Sarah Green as the constituency’s new MP.

The Tories thought they could take the Blue Wall for granted. They were wrong.

We took on the Tories in their heartlands, and won. We’ve shown that, no matter where you live, or how supposedly “safe” your seat is – if you want a Liberal Democrat MP, you can get one.

And that won’t stop here in Chesham and Amersham. We Liberal Democrats have shown that we can defeat this cruel, corrupt Conservative Government.

This is a Government which takes people and their votes for granted.

They’re trying to avoid scrutiny; they think they’re above the law; they’re attacking our fundamental British rights and freedoms.

We have the responsibility to take on this Conservative government, right across the country.

But we can only do that if we keep growing our movement in every corner of the UK.”