THE village of Alfriston remains flooded days after the heavy rain.

Steve Woodgate posted this today: “The Alfriston road is still very much closed, with water half a metre deep in places.

Please don’t ignore the closure, there’s all sorts of hidden debris under the water, and the depth will kill your car, water pressure from below can cause drain covers to lift which you will not be able to see…

It’s unlikely to be open tomorrow, a number of factors need to be considered:

Depth of water on the roadway which needs to be pumped away- pointless at the moment as the water in the field is higher than the road and there’s gaps in the wall!

Amount of Debris to be cleared

Availability of Highways Staff to clear the rubbish and then check the surface of the road to make sure it is fit to use, it’s not just a case of move the signs.

Alfriston Emergency Group are keeping a close eye on the situation, and will be assisting Highways as and when needed.”