This year, 2021, the Carr Taylor family is celebrating 50 years of growing and making wine in England.

As one of the oldest commercial vineyards in the UK it is one of the pioneering businesses that brought the potential of English wine to an unsuspecting consumer more familiar with continental fare.

The UK wine industry has changed considerably since then but the business continues to thrive due to its passion, adaptability and commercial approach. In that time it has survived a number of recessions, sceptical consumers, changing wine fashions, a huge increase in new vineyards and wineries, not to mention the vagaries of the British climate.

World leader

David and Linda Carr Taylor established their first vineyard in 1971; their son Alexander ‘planting’ the first vine at 18 months old. Today he now runs the day to day vineyard and winemaking operations with David and Linda still involved in promoting the brand

They were one of the first producers of commercial sparkling wine in the country back in the 80’s, establishing the direction of travel that the industry has taken over the intervening years to become a world leader in quality bottle fermented sparkling wine.

Multi award winning

Over the years they have won over 200 national and international awards including Gold medals in France in 1989 and 1999 for their sparkling

wines right through to a Silver for their white Bacchus still wine in this year’s Wine of Great Britain competition. With a focus on UK sales and in particular local tourism in the south east the wines have also been exported throughout most of Europe over the years.

The vineyard is now focusing on the future, with expansion and tourism plans, looking for potential investment as the founders contemplate retirement and the business aims to secure its next 50 years plus of growing and serving quality English wine.

Wheel Lane, Westfield

East Sussex, TN35 4SG

T: +44(0)1424 752501