Andrew Albon is very well known in Eastbourne as a podiatrist.

He is the owner of Sussex Footcare in Watts Lane, Old Town, has played sport locally to a high standard, and has also worked in both the NHS and private sector for more than 10 years.

And he’s only 32.

Now Andrew – an experienced podiatrist – is taking part in a national podiatry campaign running from the 7th–20th March called #podshealheels

Here’s Andy: “Very often, people who have heel pain self-diagnose and either buy insoles over the counter which aren’t bespoke for them or they just learn to live with the pain.

“Plantar Fasciitis is the most common type of heel pain, it is also often misdiagnosed. There are over 30 common causes of heel pain. If pain has been present for more than 2-3 weeks, it is unlikely to be plantar fasciitis”

“During the two-week campaign Sussex Footcare will be offering free advice to patients from their social media platforms and we also have an open day planned in the summer”

“The open day will be taking place on Friday 1st July, where we will be offering FREE advice. You can either book an appointment or just pop by for a chat. We will also be celebrating our 1-year anniversary at the new clinic between 11am-1pm with refreshments.

“We are the feet specialists, so it makes sense to see a podiatrist if you have heel pain. The pain can often lead to effecting normal daily activities such as walking, which we feel should not be the case”

“It is important to know our scope of practice and when to refer on. We are proud to say we work closely with other local podiatrists and one evening a week we have specialist musculoskeletal podiatrist Ms Dao Tunprasert from Rebalance Foot & Ankle services treating patients specifically with foot pain”

“We also have links with local orthopaedics and can directly refer in if needed.

Our aim is to offer Free advice on every day during the campaign regarding heel pain via the Sussex Footcare facebook page so please follow us for all the tips and facts about heel pain at Sussex footcare – Podiatry and chiropody Specialists in Eastbourne

Sussex Footcare has had to adapt during Covid and expanded their business by moving into its Watts Lane premises one year ago, and it’s been a very busy 12 months for them.

Andy said: “We have had a successful year, both with people coming to us and the home visits we offer. I have employed two members of staff who work alongside me, and we continue to grow, we don’t want to stand still.

“We also work in a number of Residential care homes all over Sussex, while our clinic has seen plenty of repeat business and also new clients mainly through word of mouth.”

“We have just re-launched our brand-new website so have a look at what we offer, and appointments can be booked online”

Treatments on offer include:

· Routine nail care

· Nail surgery (Ingrown nails)

· verruca’s

· 3D scanning Orthotics

· Fungal Nails

· Musculoskeletal assessments

· Biomechanics

· Sports injuries

Andy said: “We are excited to also announce that we have recently invested in some of the latest technology regarding bespoke 3D scanner Custom Made Foot Orthoses, precision engineered.

They are environmentally friendly. The material they use to fabricate the devises is a renewable material derived from vegetable castor oil. Not only better for the environment but are lighter, thinner and stronger than the previously used polypropylene (plastic).

We can also adapt the insoles to fit any type of shoe including high heels, sports shoes, skiing boots and many more. More importantly we can target specific conditions such as plantar fasciitis, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, mortons neuromas and many more”

“For us, technology is forever improving, and we are always keen to develop our knowledge by attending various training courses that, in my view, sets us apart from any competition.”

Look out over the two week campaign for the #podhealheels as advice will be offered from podiatrists all over the country.

Sussex Footcare details:

Sussex Footcare

5 Watts Lane

The Mews


BN21 1NP

07830417007 E: W