Eastbourne LibDems have caused a pre-election storm by claiming that crime is soaring in Eastbourne.

They say “crime is on the up in Eastbourne.”

“We know crime is a big issue for many people, and we want to know how you think crime should be tackled. Let us know your views,” they ask in a paid advert.

According to the LibDems, stalking and harassment is up in Eastbourne by 21 per cent.

They claim drug offences are up 29 per cent.

It hasn’t gone down well on social media judging by the comments left under the post.

One former LibDem councillor, Margaret Robinson claims former MP Stephen Lloyd and current council leader David Tutt ‘swept under the carpet’ bullying claims made by a woman. She says the man was believed, not the woman victim.

Howard Rackliff posted: “I certainly would not attempt to deal with it by voting for the bunch of sanctimious egomaniac do gooder Lib Dems who have taken Eastbourne to financial ruin. The once clean and pleasant town is now falling to pieces and filthy.”

Mac Andrew posted: “Normal, ordinary people no longer feel safe in town at night, so they stay home. People committing crimes, druggies, and hardened criminals wander free and easy along with burglars able to break into homes and garages with impunity. Great when we read the police have made 7,8,9 arrests one week. This is just a drop in the ocean compared to the crimes actually committed. The town belongs to the criminal gangs. It’s time the police rescued it and took it back for the decent people of Eastbourne.”