HERE are our MP Caroline Ansell’s latest comments on Ukraine:

“Ukraine remains in everyone’s thoughts and the images of civilians caught up in the carnage is heartbreaking. 

Anger at what Putin and Russia have done and continue to do is growing by the hour for this pariah state. The response from Eastbourne and Willingdon to those images has been characteristically generous and I thank everyone who has raised money or donated supplies. But a humanitarian crisis in Europe, many never thought could not happen, is upon us. 

I have met with some of the wonderful local people who are helping Ukraine in Eastbourne over the last few days.  

One was a visit to the Polish Delicatessen in Seaside – and more on that visit to meet Michelle below –  which has been at the heart of community efforts to send over supplies to Poland to help Ukrainian refugees. She has been very moved by the generosity of local people.  

That same generosity was seen at the weekend’s Ukraine solidarity rally in Eastbourne, where I spoke, and where local people donated several hundred pounds in just a very short space of time – enough money to buy emergency food for 28 days for 14 families through the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) portal. Please do donate through DEC if you can, it is the most effective way to provide sustenance at pace and at scale.  

That very same morning we had seen televised images of very poorly children being evacuated from a hospital under attack. I raised this with the Foreign Secretary upon my return to Parliament and you can see you a clip below. 

President Zelensky addressed Parliament live on Wednesday; his fortitude is extraordinary.  I fear this tragedy has many months left to go. But I do know the people of Eastbourne and Willingdon will continue to help, support and stand by Ukraine, and the sponsorship route will open up imminently. ”