MORE than 130 parents have signed a petition demanding school uniform not be changed at two schools.

Cavendish Learning Trust wants to change the uniform at the Stafford and Roselands Federation.

But parents are furious.

They say it would be wasteful, costly, bad for the environment and unsettling for children who have been through enough upheaval.

The petition says: “We are currently the only school in Eastbourne with purple, it is popular with the families.

“The children voted for it only two years ago and it forms part of their sense of school identity.

“Many families have a stock of purple uniform that they hand down to younger siblings, all of which would be wasted if a new uniform is introduced, a poor example to the next generation in environmental terms.

“Providing parents with one jumper, one PE shirt and a bag still involves considerable outlay for parents at a time when finances are difficult for many.

“We believe the proposed changes to be utterly without good reason and the money spent on subsidising new items could be better spent on educational items.”

The Roselands and Stafford Federation was created for the two schools to work together.

Kyra Siddall-Ward, Acting Executive Head, said: “We believe that working together with you as parents and carers is vital to ensure the best outcomes for your child.

“Our vision is a commitment to create an inclusive, safe and stimulating environment where we work and learn together.

“We help one another to overcome challenges with confidence and resilience having respect for ourselves and each other.”