A MAN has pleaded with Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell on Facebook to vote against the new Lockdown starting on Thursday.

Trevor Quinton has posted an open letter to Caroline.

It says: “I was horrified to see the announcement that the government are imposing another lockdown.

It would appear that the advice has, again, come from Sage. Can you please tell me how many qualified virologists there are within Sage, from what I understand, the total is zero.

Have you seen the thousands of qualified signatures on the gbdeclaration.org who all state that our approach is wrong?

The government mantra is still about saving the NHS from being overwhelmed yet they built many Nightingale hospitals which were never used and are now empty.

There are thousands of reports on social media of NHS staff twiddling their thumbs throughout this year with hospitals being empty.

Thousands of people are being put out of work and thousands of businesses are being destroyed yet the governments approach has, so far failed.

Lockdown has killed far more people than it had saved, suicides are going through the roof due to total despair.

People are being denied basic care and treatment for numerous illnesses which could be treated, leading to far more deaths.

The constant bombardment on TV of false statistics is causing fear amongst the elderly population.

One only has to look at the ONS data to see that the broadcast data is totally fictitious and designed to instill fear and compliance.

People are losing their jobs and their lives, you have a vote to try and stop this tyranny and I sincerely hope you vote against it.The electorate won’t forget.”