EASTBOURNE Borough Council recently consulted over a proposal to introduce a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to help tackle anti-social driving in Eastbourne.

There was a high level of support for the proposal, with 89.58% of respondents saying they were in favour of introducing the PSPO.

Meanwhile, 78% of respondents stated that they had experienced or been affected by anti-social driving in the proposed ‘restricted areas’ of Eastbourne.

Part one of the consultation gave an opportunity to state any additional roads respondents felt should be included in the list of restricted areas. Three locations, not already on the list of proposed restricted areas, were mentioned most frequently. These were: 

  • Pacific Drive / Harbour Quay 
  • Atlantic Drive
  • A section of Pevensey Bay Road

On the advice of Sussex Police the proposals also include Princess Road, in order to bring together the existing and proposed additional restricted areas, comprising of the Seafront Parades and Pevensey Bay Road.

Therefore we are now consulting over a proposal to extend the PSPO to also cover these four additional areas. 

Please have your say on this proposal by Friday 17 June at 5pm. 

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