THIS dog has been missing for three weeks.

It is missing from Gun Hill, Chiddingly.

Laura Trevillion-moore has now posted on the Lost Pets Eastbourne area.

She posted: “3 weeks since my baby girl went missing and still no sightings. Can’t believe shes nowhere to be seen or heard??

Went back to the tent, drove around but still nothing, now starting to feel hopeless, cant think of what else to do to find her or get her back.

All I can do now is keep positive that if someone does have her they have the heart to either let her go or take her somewhere safe for someone to find.

Yet again I’m pleading with everyone don’t forget my girl, shes got to be somewhere, and if who ever has her, please please, let her come home.

For all of you still looking and keeping her in your thoughts, THANKYOU.”