The head of Eastbourne College wants to see increased use of technology in exams.

And he says artificial intelligence should be used in GCSE exams to stretch the brightest pupils.

Eastbourne College Headmaster, Tom Lawson, has  been interviewed by The Telegraph on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI). The interview, covering AI use for exam marking and the use of adaptive testing to stretch the brightest pupils was published on Saturday 6 January 2024. 

Mr Lawson said, “With adaptive testing, if someone is finding it hard to access the exam, instead of becoming overwhelmed and having some [pupils] virtually giving up, the questions get easier. And if someone is really flying, the questions get harder…

“Adaptive testing would stop schools from “teaching to the test” because the exams would be “infinitely variable and less gameable, allowing a radical rethink of how teachers inspire pupils and how imaginative curricula can be.”

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