BEACHY Head Cycling Club has five days left to hit its fundraising target.

That’s how many more days its Crowdfunder will run.

The aim of the project is to raise funds to help to continue the youth training programme after the Covid-19 lockdown.

The target is £3k.

Stephen Murphy, fundraising officer for the Beachy Head Cycling Club and its Pedal Power youth cycling group, said: “The aim of our club is to be welcoming to everyone, and to provide the opportunity to enjoy the fitness, and social aspects of cycling.

The most important part of the club, and in the most need of funding, is the Pedal Power Youth section.

Pedal Power gives youngsters a chance to improve their bike handling skills, road safety, and fitness.

They receive instruction on how to take care of their bikes, and keep themselves safe when riding.

It also gives its young members a chance to race against themselves, and other teams, but with the emphasis on fun, and safety.

Like most small clubs at the moment, the opportunity to keep functioning during the Covid-19 pandemic, has been challenging. Having to ride in smaller groups, with social distancing in place. The requirement for extra coaching staff, and ensuring safe training venues has become vital to the youth coaching programme.

Due to the need to fund British Cycling training for our coaches, the cost of setting up of venues to provide a Covid-19 safe environment, and the expense of procuring safety equipment, plus first aid training, the clubs funds will be impacted heavily.

Ultimately this could threaten the running of the Pedal Power section, and deprive young people of the valuable resource it provides.

In the past Beachy Head Cycling Club has raised funds by organising cycling events, cycling sportives, and races.

Alas due to Covid-19 none of these events can take place. Hence the shortfall in funding.

With funding, the aim would be to continue with the youth training program ensuring that all safety measures are in place, with adequate British Cycling trained coaching staff, first aid personnel, and safe venues. Thus giving our young people a distraction from the stresses we are all enduring.”

To donate, or for more details, go to Beachy Head CC Pedal Power Youth Cycling Training – a Health & fitness crowdfunding project in Eastbourne by Stephen John Murphy (