SO yesterday we reported that the major road with the longest delays in the country is in Eastbourne – the A2270, which runs between Eastbourne and Polegate.

But how could this have been avoided?

Here’s resident Jordan Dean: “Remember that bike lane that got put in from Eastbourne to Brighton… could have really done with a dual carriageway…”

And here is Geoff Crisp: “Instead they wasted over £50M on the little used cycle path between Polegate and Lewes. During weekdays or when its raining its play I-Spy a cyclist on the A27 cycle path, in fact often there are more dog walkers than cyclists.”

And Chris Reynolds: “Totally agree. Needed dual carriageway not a cycle lane.”

Remember the Bike Lane opening – Official Opening of new A27 cycle route -Friday 16 June,13:00 — Cycle Lewes