A NUMBER of bikes have been stolen and then dumped at Sovereign Harbour.

Lisa Weeks said ‘it was a horrible thing to come home to.’

She said: “I live in one of the flats in Macquarie Quay.

I’ve just got home to find 2 of our 3 mountain bikes have been stolen from the underground parking area. They were well locked up all together. The lock has been cut.

They have taken 2 mens bikes but left the ladies bike. All were bought new this year.

I’m gutted and will be reporting it to the police. But just a warning to all that have bikes in the underground bit to watch out for anyone that looks like they shouldn’t be in underground parking.

They must have slipped in while one of the electric gates were open. A horrible thing to come home to.”

Later she posted: “We found the bikes dumped. The thrives took a few bikes from Macquarie Quay and they must have found better bikes then ours in the end. Ours were found the opposite end on Macquarie to where we live. Unfortunately a handful of bikes were taken.”