BIN men start their strike today (Monday) in Wealden.

GMB regional organiser Gary Palmer said the action would last for a minimum of two weeks.

Gary Palmer, GMB Regional Organiser said:

“It’s clear that Biffa and our members value their contribution to the refuse and cleansing contract very differently in the Wealden district area.

“The letter sent by the employer to staff really sealed the decision to go out on strike, as members were angered not just by what they consider a poor offer but by the lack of engagement and negotiation with their chosen representatives from the GMB Union. 

“The walk out starts on Bank Holiday Monday for two weeks – but could be subject to further strike notice if the stand-off continues.

“We will of course meet with management to talk at any time, but let’s hope that if we do, it’s meaningful this time.”

Wealden District Council said the “impact of the intended strike action on waste collection services is being assessed” and advised residents to check collection arrangements and updates on the council website.

Wealden District council said,

“Whilst Biffa continue to negotiate with the GMB union and the staff involved to reach a fair settlement, this action will inevitably impact on the waste collection and street cleansing services they are able to operate.

“Council officers are continuing to work with Biffa’s management to reduce the impact on services.

“From day one of the strike on Monday 2nd May, we intend to publish daily updates on our website explaining which services are operating and which are unfortunately not operating.”