It has taken over a month for residents’ bins in Stone Cross to be emptied.

Householders in Stone Cross who were due a bin collection by Wealden suffered with overflowing bins while neighbours just yards away received a regular service because they come under Eastbourne Borough’s control.  

Conservative Cllr Daniel Upton was becoming more and more frustrated and claims he and residents were given the run-around.

“Naturally, residents here are angry that Stone Cross got forgotten for so long”, said Cllr Upton. “Because we are on the outskirts of Wealden, we get last priority.

“All the time, seagulls had a field day and left a trail of detritus down the street, and residents reported maggots in their rancid waste.
“Many residents took their rubbish to the tip but there are those who do not have transport or who suffer mobility issues. It’s just not good enough, residents pay to have a regular bin collection and yet were ignored for so long.”

The recycling bins were finally emptied yesterday, Monday 19th June while it took 19 days for rotting landfill bins to be dealt with in Stone Cross.