A black dog ‘jumped on’ a boy aged two at Sovereign Harbour and it was difficult to get the animal off.

Here’s Nad Lyah: “We live in a “pet not allowed” building.

So we went on walk by the sea.

And there a black dog jumped on our toddler, and it was quite difficult to separate the dog.

The owner (woman) was at a distance, wasn’t bothered, just calling dog’s name and that’s it.

When somehow my husband managed to separate the dog from our toddler, the lady (owner) just passed by rudely and, didn’t even apologise.

She rather seemed angry at us for panicking.

For God’s sake it’s our little 2.5 yr boy who doesn’t understand and can’t protect himself.

Since then we didn’t take our toddler on walks and he’s stuck in home and gets frustrated.

It’s a humble request to all dog owners to please put them on leads.”