A UNIQUE book personally signed by the famous street artist Banksy is going up for auction later this month.

The book – entitled Wall and Piece – was published in 2005. It is expected to fetch between £600 and £800 at auction in Eastbourne.

It was undiscovered and bought for just £3 at a charity shop in Eastbourne – recently named as having the most charity shops in the country.

Jeannette May from Eastbourne Auctions said: “It was only a matter of time before another unforgotten gem was discovered in one of the 35 outlets in this not so sleepy town.

“The book is an insight into the popular street artist’s works in pictures.

“To be honest, it could just be another copy until you find out it is personally signed to “Brian”.

“Brian Haw was a British Peace protester known for his anti-war campaign, setting up camp for almost ten years in Parliament Square London in the early 2000s.

“Brian didn’t fight. He stood, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for ten years until he died in 2011.

“Banksy and Brian both challenged the then Labour government visually with their presence in London for several years.”

One of Banksy’s most notorious anti-war works was inspired by a protest led by Brian.

Entitled “CND Soldiers,” it was placed in Parliament Square in 2003 only to be seized by police on 23rd May 2006 along with “Petrolhead,” another one of Banksy’s works inspired by Brian’s determination.

The inscription inside the front cover of the book reads:

Brian Thanks for being the best inspiration in London

x Banksy ! 2005

This rare one-of-a-kind insight into Social History is entered into Eastbourne Auctions’ November Sale.

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