Oily Gasbag
Goes a Dancing

EASTBOURNE Author, Victor L Moore writes fantasy fiction for children and young adults.
The first book Victor wrote was several years ago titled, ‘The Pentacle of Northumbria’ and the second in the trilogy, ‘Sisterhood of The Dead’ will be out soon. They are aimed at an audience of 12 plus.

Oily Gasbag Goes a Dancing,the first in his series for younger children (7–10) is out now.

The story

Our so-called ‘hero’ Oily Gasbag is a large, clumsy, rather daft goblin with a firm belief that he is handsome and that all the young pretty faeries and elves are in awe of him.

Very few females like him, apart from one: a youngish witch who hails from Vienna whose name is Frieda Hasbug.
Her sniffy older sister, Hattie has little time for Oily; she has little time for anyone. Nevertheless, she agrees to help her sister conjure up a dark magic p Welly, Nonsenseshire. He tries to dance with the
beautiful elf, Su Fa Su Gut who pushes him away. When he is thrown out of the fair, he decides to learn to dance but unfortunately for him, the schools he tries do not want him!

Luckily Frieda has a plan. Will they prove everyone wrong and win? Or is Oily destined to have two left feet forever?
Victor will be having a book signing at The Sicilia Chi Cafe, The Enterprise Shopping Centre, Station Parade BN21 1BD on Sunday 10th December from 11am.

Published by Troubador, and is currently available, online, on Amazon
Troubador and locally at Waterstones.
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