There will be a book signing with a difference at WH Smith in Terminus Road, Eastbourne, this Saturday (October 7th) from 10.30am.
Seven local authors have formed The Collective to write a family saga called Driven By Desire, with each of them writing about one character, and readers may wish to obtain multi author signatures.
Spokesman Tony Flood, one of three Collective authors in their 80s, says: “Driven by Desire, an idea which came to John Newton when he woke up last Christmas Eve, is unique. The Collective is a good mix of writers, with an additional contribution by another Eastbourne author, John Silverton. Readers will benefit from a range of ideas, writing styles and individual voices, that all gel together in a saga full of twists and turns.
“This gripping 1920s drama, set in Italy in the aftermath of World War One, tells how five d’Bergamasco brothers and sisters inherit their father’s business with ambitions to create a range of automobiles that will become the envy of an expanding global industry.”
Editor John Newton adds: “The family’s aim is to lead the way in designing cars with style, elegance and performance, but they have to cope with betrayal, lust and kidnap as well as the rapid rise of fascism and the emergence of Mussolini.”
Each sibling has their own burning desire and ambition that forge both harmony and conflict in their lives. The rifts that begin to appear are compounded by a crooked politician, illicit affairs, and the arrival of an enigmatic Italian/American billionaire, bringing with him secrets of their father’s unknown past.
Pursuing their respective goals draws contrasting attention, from silver screen stardom for the eldest daughter Isabella to a Mafia kidnapping of the second son Salvatore, that holds the entire family to ransom when it is already on the brink of financial collapse.
The seven individual authors, five of them members of Eastbourne group Anderida Writers, each write with the persona of a single strong character, giving their own a unique perspective and personal voice.
They are made up of four published authors in The Collective’s oldest member eighty-eight-year-old John Newton, Tim Purcell, Tony Flood and Francis Wait plus another experienced writer in Karen Glennon and new writing talents Deane Smith and Richard Rewell.
Tim has been a screenwriter, investigative journalist, published author, publisher, film director and producer of corporate and music videos, documentaries, TV series and feature films in the UK and Mauritius, where he helped to bring in the Film Incentive Scheme in 2013.
John, a broadcaster and writer in several genres who served as a police officer in Kenya, has written twelve successful books, including White Sunrise, Kitchen Gangster and The Assassination Diaries. Until recently he presented programmes on Eastbourne Hospital’s radio station and previously broadcast for twenty years to a massive audience on Kenya and Uganda national radio.
Former journalist and Sky Television executive Tony Flood has written three crime thrillers in Triple Tease, Stitch Up! and Fall Guy, endorsed by best-selling author Peter James. He has written in other genres as well, producing fantasy adventure Secret Potion and celebrity book My Life With The Stars, featuring Elvis Presley, Eric Morecambe, Des O’Connor, Muhammad Ali and a host of other showbiz and sports personalities.
Francis Wait is the second oldest member of The Collective at 84. Like Tony, he has won the Anderida Writers Short Story award on three occasions, and his books include The Survivalist, Android Affair and fantasy adventure The Magical Pendant of Perdania, under the pen name Frances Jaycee.
Deane Smith and Richard Rewell are also members of Anderida Writers. Deane, a trained wigmaker, is qualified as a spiritual and reiki healer and became a practitioner of the Metamorphic Prenatal Technique, while Richard, a qualified chartered surveyor, is currently working on his debut solo novel, ‘Whisper Not The True King’s Name’, a thriller to be published in 2024.
Karen Glennon wrote for The Maynooth Newsletter, County Kildare, Ireland. She later worked as a coach tour guide in Spain before moving to the UK in 2015 and immersing herself in writing entertaining blogs about everyday life, Karensmadworld, and a children’s book Mumpy’s Tired Eyes.