Driven by Desire, a family saga containing conflict, passion, and kidnap and written by a collective of seven local authors, has received massive support in a promotion drive which has made it a best-seller.
One of the authors, Tony Flood, explains: “A promotion for the new edition of Driven by Desire on social media has received far more support than we dreamed of and taken us zooming up the ranking lists into the top four.
“People saw that the book had been given excellent reviews and answered our call to buy it. We sold far more copies than we ever expected and, as a result, the paperback has risen dramatically in the Amazon rankings to become No.4 best-seller in it’s category.”
Members of Eastbourne group Anderida Writers, Francis Wait, John Newton, Deane Smith, Richard Rewell, and Tony Flood, are among the seven authors, while John Silverton has also made a contribution to the book. The other two authors are Tim Purcell and Karen Glennon.
Tony, the author of crime thrillers Triple Tease, Stitch Up and Fall Guy, added: “It just shows what can be achieved by authors getting together, showing how good they are, and being given support by the great British public.”