BOOM: Battle Bar has become an amazing success story in The Beacon shopping centre.

And now it has relaunched its All you can play Sundays!

All the games with no limits! – available every Sunday after 5pm

Valid on all walk-ins or if you would like to book please email

It’s a great new venture for Eastbourne and proving incredibly popular.

So, what exactly is on offer at the venue which is open for business seven days a week from 11am until midnight.

Please note it is over 18s only after 7pm.

You can either pre-book (which is probably the best option) or you can walk in and book your games at reception.

There are seven different activities:

1. Bavarian Axe throwing

2. Nine-hole Crazier Golf

3. Shuffleboard

4. Beer pong

5. Augmented reality darts

6. Hammerschlagen I may have spelt this one wrong.

7. American Pool.

Here’s Assistant Manager Ashley Carnell:

“The Bavarian Axe Throwing has attracted most media attention, and obviously you have to be 18 and over to play this.

“We have safety restrictions in place and you are not allowed to drink alcohol before or during this. It’s especially popular with stag and hen nights.

“The Nine-hole Crazier Golf – and the Catapult crazy golf – is really popular, people love it. It’s normally played in groups of four, and there is a maze and hill at the end.

“We have an extra bar – the Tikki Bar – open around the course with drink offers on Friday and Saturday evening.

“Shuttleboard is great fun using metal pucks. It’s normally played in teams and the first one to 15 wins.

“Beer pong is loads of fun, using cups, water and beer, while the augmented reality darts is for up to 10 people at a time.

“There are four mini games – Killer, Disco Wall, Halve It and Robin Hood – ranging from easy to difficult. It takes about an hour.

“The Hammerschlagen involves getting six-to-eight-inch nails into the wood, and you need a real rhythm for this one.

“And American pool is what it says – people love playing pool.”

Boom: Battle Bar is also a great place to go before a late night at the venues open till the early hours.

There’s also a great food and cocktails menu as well as a photo booth.

Christmas bookings are going really well.

So, get down to Boom: Battle Bar upstairs in The Beacon – and well worth a visit!