THE PM has tonight highlighted the DGH as an example of massive new investment for the NHS.

He was talking on Meridian Tonight.

He told Meridian more investment will be be put into hospitals in Eastbourne and Hastings. 

The Prime Minister was keen to promote the health spending confirmation when he spoke to Political Correspondent Phil Hornby.

Boris Johnson says, though this winter could be difficult, by spring we should be past the worst of the pandemic.

Despite coronavirus infection rates remaining lower than other parts of the region, Boris Johnson says Covid rules must remain the same across the country.

“Even though parts of the south are showing less of a rise in infections than other parts, they are still showing a rise.”The PM was then questioned on the aviation industry and the financial hit it has taken during the pandemic. Gatwick and Heathrow are among major airports located in the South East.

“We’ve got a big programme of helping them with their bills, several of the companies are receiving special remedial help. But the most important thing is to get the country flying again. This is the third biggest aviation market in the world.”