A BOY, 12, was attacked and robbed on his way home from school yesterday on the corner of Beach Road and Sidley Road.

The attack happened at 4.30pm. He got off the bus on Seaside, went into Best One on the corner of Beach Road for some sweets then started walking home.

A middle aged man, about 5 ft 2 or 3 inches, slightly chubby, receding hairline, wearing a navy blue tracksuit and glasses, grabbed him from behind, ripped his backpack off but the boy managed to grab it back, tore his school tie off over his head before running off.

Here is mum Cassie McLean: “If anybody recognises the description of this person please could you let me know. Police are involved but may not be able to do much unless there is CCTV somewhere. I want this person found. Any information please share with me.”