Boy racers crashed into a car on Beachy Head Road on Saturday evening.

Katie Bridle has posted about ‘the boy racers who hit my husband and I tonight along Beachy Head Road, and didn’t stop to swap details.’

Here is her online message: “Just to let you know the damage you have caused my car and that the incident has been reports to the police and our insurance company.

I wasn’t able to catch the number plate of the white BMW that actually hit my car, but I was able to get your friend’s number plate and make so this is what the police have been given.

I had my three boys in my car as well with us tonight, my middle son now scared to get in the car because of tonight.

The incident happened tonight about 6.40 so if anyone was around that time along beachy head Road who has dash cam, it would be greatly appreciated to show the police the manner in which these boy racers was driving.

If anyone know the driver of the black Mercedes please let us know as I need the details of white BMW.

Mercedes number plate was T90 JWD.”