THERE is no doubt that Lockdown has brought an increase in isolation and loneliness.

Well, Caroline Smith decided to do something about it and founded East Sussex Social Friends Meet Up’s.

The aim is to reduce social isolation, and to encourage and inspire people to come together.

The hope is they will feel less isolated, connect with other people throughout the area, and bring about a difference.

The group shares daily posts of inspiration and uplifting conversations online.

There are zoom quizzes, zoom chats and viewing members’ crafts and arts.

Caroline said: “All this encourages members to feel less alone during these difficult times.

“When we could meet up in between lockdowns, we enjoyed get togethers on the beach.

“We organised dinners and lunches to support the local independent establishments who are struggling during the pandemic.

“We also held a charity ‘ Pink Cancer event ‘ where members dressed up in pink.

“The hope is to make a difference in society.”

To be a part of this, email