TWO well-known and vastly experienced estate agents have opened a new premises in the heart of Eastbourne’s Old Town.
Richard Brook and Neil Gamble have been selling houses in Eastbourne for more than 25 years.
Until recently, they worked as part of a national franchise.
Now they are proud to have opened Brook and Gamble on Green Street. Richard said: “We cover the whole of Eastbourne, as well as surrounding towns and villages, and we are delighted with our new shop.
“Our strengths are being straightforward, honest and transparent. Our customer service is second to none and we always go that extra mile to achiever what is needed.
“We are both very well-known in Eastbourne and our experience as estate agents is second to none.
“Please come and see us, the invite to pop in is always there. It goes without saying that a lot of what we do is also online, so you can access us in the way most suited to you.”

Lisa Bailey and Anne Ullah are also part of the team at Brook and Gamble.
Richard said: “More and more Brook and Gamble signs are going up around town, and we are confident that most people will have seen them by now. They’re very birhgt and eye-catching.
“The property markets remains buoyant, and shows no signs of slowing down.
“That’s good for us, and good for the economy, and we are equipped in this very busy time to provide a first-class service to our customers.
“Flexibility is another important aspect of our service.”