TWO brothers aged 15 and 12 who have just set up their own business spoke at a recent Rotary Club event.

Jack and Harry are amazing brothers living in Eastbourne who during Lockdown decided to launch their own online logo business.

They are aged just 15 and 12 but their project has taken off so much a bright 2021 awaits the Eastbourne pair.

On Friday they spoke to members of Eastbourne AM Rotary Club.

They said afterwards: “It was such an honour to be asked to speak at Rotary Club of Eastbourne AM this morning.

We were super nervous but enjoyed it!!

Our Dad helped us do the presentation and then we had an open Q&A and were asked some great questions by the members of the club. Everyone was really kind and supportive.”

Animate Our Logo creates an animated logo for businesses, both local and international, within a 72- hour turnover period. They create between 8 – 12 new designs each month to help keep the website and content fresh. This means each design is only sold for one month and as it expires is replaced by fresh content