THERE are calls for Health Secretary Matt Hancock to stop the closure of Eastbourne’s Walk-In Centre at the railway station.

It will close in the summer despite opposition from Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell.

Lucetta Davies is a campaigner for the NHS.

She says: “I have just sent a request to Matt Hancock asking that he refers the decision to close Eastbourne’s NHS walk-in centre to the Independent Reconfiguration Panel for consideration.

Here is the text of the message I wrote:-

Dear Mr Hancock, I am contacting you on behalf of East Sussex Save the NHS.

We campaigned for over a year to stop the closure of the NHS walk-in centre at Eastbourne station.

We had overwhelming support from the public and organisations such as Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce and the local hospitality association as well as the Borough Council. We met with the HOSC review board from East Sussex County Council and the CCG.

We feel if anything the pandemic has increased the need in our town for the walk-in centre. But a decision was taken to close the facility, ignoring even the findings of the public consultation. We do not feel our arguments were even considered and public opinion was ignored.

We are now asking that you refer this matter for consideration by the Independent Reconfiguration Panel.

Regards Lucette Davies”