RAINBOW Wishes – a charity based in Pevensey Bay – is offering 20-minute FREE private sessions for anyone that needs a bit of extra space and time.

They are on Tuesday morning and Saturday afternoon.

The shop in North Road is closed, and staff make adjustments that will benefit the user.

The sessions allow people with additional needs the opportunity to relax and be themselves.

They can sit, play, try new things and ask questions.

Director Tracie Owen said: “We have many sensory aids not on display that are available, and we work with people to find items that will benefit them.

Feedback on sessions has been incredible and we want to make sure everyone knows they are available should they need them.

Fidget toys are a huge craze at present but the service we provide is far beyond that.

Our pure focus is to make children and parents happy by providing them with a relaxed, friendly experience, a huge ever-expanding range and knowledgeable advice. Our store is fun, interactive, and unique.

We work with schools and service providers and continue to support our local community.

Fidgets and sensory items are for everyone with or without registered needs, they provide a social experience along with brain stimulation and calming features. “

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