Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell has posted her views on the Afghan situation,

She said: “What has happened in Afghanistan in recent days is so deeply concerning and distressing – on many levels.  

My thoughts have been very much with our veterans and their service and sacrifice in this twenty year long campaign.   

In withdrawing as we have, what of their legacy, a significant part of which is in a whole generation of girls given the chance at an education?

When the Taliban last ruled, there were no girls in school, neither were there women in public life, ‘now’ there are 69 Afghan women MPs.

One of their number, Elay Ershad, spoke in our Parliament in 2018. She has declared that with her daughters, she will stay and stand with her people. What extraordinary courage. 

I would like to thank our brave armed services and Foreign Office personnel on the ground to get British nationals home and provide rescue for the most vulnerable and sanctuary here for those Afghans who risked their lives to partner with the UK.”