Eastbourne and Willingdon’s Conservative MP, Caroline Ansell, has voted to water down rules for dealing with House of Commons corruption.

This is despite even some Tory MPs refusing to back the vote, with one describing it as “wrong” and another as “shambolic”.

Eastbourne and Willingdon’s Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate Josh Babarinde OBE said:

“For me, public service is about honesty, decency and integrity. I’m afraid that Caroline Ansell’s actions in Parliament today fly in the face of this.

“I’m appalled that we have an MP who prioritises fiddling with anti-corruption rules over fighting for our town.

“Priorities are totally wrong here – and we all know this is not the first time.

“Eastbourne and Willingdon deserves so much better.

“Our MP should be campaigning for the new hospital Boris Johnson promised, battling against inequality in our town, and fighting against the pandemic – not covering for a colleague who was found to have breached corruption rules.

“For me, our town always comes first.”