The event, organised with Lewes MP and health minister Maria Caulfield, heard from a panel of specialists, on issues that relate to access to the latest treatment, advice and support.

There was a focus on menopausal women who are neuro-diverse and BAME with advice in emerging employment law issues around the condition.

The seminar was organised by Katie Day, Menopause Specialist of RDP International.

Following the speakers there was Q&A session, a short tour of the House of Commons and the group met with DWP minister Mims Davies, who was very interested to involve those who came to Caroline and Maria’s event in future menopause related initiatives.

“We know the menopause can very detrimentally affect women’s working life in many ways and in a bid to cope with symptoms – many lose confidence, go part time, leave work or do not seek promotion.  

“But this can be managed and supported, and it is particularly important we do as women often have symptoms at the height of their career.”

Caroline explained raising awareness of the condition was important.

“As menopause is only very recently part of the school curriculum, women in previous years will not have anticipated or been prepared for changes. Although this will change for future generations, we have needed brilliant campaigns by Davina McCall and others to raise awareness in this generation and beyond.

“The seminar was clear that we need to embed good policy and practice across workplaces everywhere to ensure women in this stage continue to aspire to their potential.”

The MP added: “This event and others to come highlight an important cause and I am determined to do all I can for women in Eastbourne – and their families – because it can be an experience which rocks relationships too.

“Thank you to everyone who took part.”