EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell has voted against her own Tory government on the controversial cladding issue.

The vote on Wednesday evening took place to determine for the fourth time if the leaseholders in blocks of flats could be prevented from being responsible for the replacement of the fire safety bills.

This follows Grenfell and the need for replacing the protection in their flats.

Caroline voted to protect the leaseholders. 

Sussex political commentator Ian Chisnall said: “It is deeply disturbing that apart from West Worthing, Eastbourne and Brighton and Hove that all other parts of Sussex have been voted to prevent supporting leaseholders. Perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that the overall vote also failed to support leaseholders.”

More than 30 Tory MPs rebelled against the Government over the cladding scandal.

They accused ministers of ignoring ‘screams of pain’ from leaseholders left to pay tens of thousands of pounds each to fix unsafe homes.

The Government has set aside £5billion but hundreds of thousands of residents living in buildings below 18 metres (60ft) still face huge bills. There is no funding for non-cladding defects, such as missing fire breaks.