EASTBOURNE’S Caroline Ansell says now is not the time to give MPs a pay rise.

She has joined a number of fellow MPs in calling for their pay rises to be frozen.

The IPSA is the body responsible for setting MPs’ pay.

Caroline said: “I share the same view as the Prime Minister that it would be wrong for MPs to receive any pay rise during the pandemic and when considering the partial public sector pay freeze.

I will be writing to IPSA shortly to officially tell them I do not agree MPs should receive any pay rise and I hope it will listen because it seems the vast majority of MPs from all parties feel the same way.

I would like to add that MPs have no power and no vote over any pay award. It is independently recommended. That aspect isn’t always known.

Bearing what I have said above in mind, if it is given, I will give the rise privately to local Eastbourne and Willingdon charities. “