EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell has sent out a positive New Year message this weekend:

“A Happy New Year to everyone in Eastbourne and Willingdon. I believe 2022 will be a much better year as we continue to win the battle against the virus. 

The challenges are to ensure our town continues its recovery from the pandemic and that we protect the tourism and hospitality industries so vital to our local economy. This is mission critical along with help and support for our language schools as the world starts to open up and international travel becomes easier.

We have much to be positive about as we start the new year. We have a record number of job vacancies, a brilliant vaccination programme, fewer covid restrictions than many countries and the fastest growing economy in the G7. I am sure there will be setbacks as we fight Covid and push the return to normal, but the situation continues to improve. 

This week saw MPs return to Westminster and a packed legislative agenda for the coming 12 months. 

I’m on the Dormant Assets Bill committee in January examining this legislation line by line. Its aim is to extend the existing Dormant Assets Scheme which enables banks and building societies to channel funds from dormant bank and building society accounts towards good causes. The Government wants to expand the scheme to include assets like pensions, insurance, investment and wealth management and securities sectors to be used for public benefit. The original asset owners’ legal right to reclaim the amount transferred into the scheme will be protected. A good proportion of an MP’s work in Westminster is sitting on these bill committees scrutinising proposed laws. It’s important work and I am looking forward to playing my part.”