MP Caroline Ansell met with local campaigners led by Marie Hennelly last week ahead of a county council decision to pump an extra £1.8 million into pavement repairs that will benefit Eastbourne.

Caroline and campaigners have been lobbying the authority to spend more and a proposal for the one-off £1.8 million to spend on the county’s pavements in addition to the usual budget of £1.3 million was passed by the council’s cabinet yesterday.

“The state of the town’s pavements has been of some concern for many years and I would like to thank Marie, Eastbourne Residents campaign for Safer Pavements and Eastbourne Access Group for all they have done to keep this issue in the local spotlight,” said Caroline, “I am very pleased to be working with them.”

“I asked the county council to include pavements when they considered this one-off investment. 

“I am delighted the decision was made to adopt the proposal, it means the budget for pavements will almost triple for next year. This will make a difference to our pavements – something I know many people would like to see.”

Marie and Eastbourne Residents campaign for Safer Pavements have been campaigning for some time to secure extra investment in local pavements. She presented a petition to the full council back in Nov 2018. 

“We are delighted that our MP Caroline Ansell is supporting our efforts” said Marie.